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Showcasing HAWAII & Huntington Beach PropertiesShowcasing HAWAII & Huntington Beach PropertiesShowcasing HAWAII & Huntington Beach Properties

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Doyle has made a name for himself as a "Compassionate but Tough Go To Negotiator" compiling hundreds of real estate transactions, from residential and commercial sales and leases, rentals, trusts, probates, short sales and HUD foreclosures using only the best legal experts.

 We get questions like these all the time!

1. What is the winter weather like in Huntington Beach and Hawaii? 
2. Are the HB schools safe for raising a family in Hawaii?
3. What is the weather and surf like in December in HB and Hawaii?
4. Are you close to John Wayne Airport or Los Angeles California? 
5. Is there much crime, what is the safest area in HB and Hawaii?

6.  Are there great white sharks in Huntington Beach and Hawaii?

7. Do you Surf in Huntington Beach or Hawaii?

8. What are best Restaurants in Huntington Breach or Hawaii?

9. Does HB have Lyft Uber or Taxi services?

10. Is there a farmer's market in HB or Hawii?

11. Do you get island fever in Hawaii?

About Huntington Beach California

About Hawaii 

Crime reports Huntington beach 

Crime reports Hawaii

Do you like Dogs? 

Surf City USA HB has one of the best dog parks in the world 

Dog parks in Hawaii

Huntington State or City beaches. Huntington State Beach offers abundant parking, fire rings, volleyball, a paved bike trail, beach concessions, public restrooms, showers.

Do you like Sports?

Surf City has many sports activities like the new Vans skate park  

Hawaii sports parks

Hawaii soccer complex

Do you like outdoor Softball and soccer AYSO or YMCA?.. The Huntington Sports Complex is 45-acres with 8 softball fields overlaid with 7 soccer fields. Also available are three open artificial turf fields and one arena turf field

Check out my blog about events in Huntington beach

I can't possibly list everything here about Huntington Beach or Hawaii on this page so pick up the phone and call us today. We  will make time and even be your personal concierge service until we find you the perfect home or business.

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By Ed Carter

Advice on How to Prepare for the Future of Your Special Needs Child


Photo via Pixabay

As a parent of a child with special needs, you want the very best for them, particularly after you are long gone. Preparing a sound future for them by drawing a financial and legal plan is highly advisable then, in the event of the incapacitation or early deaths of you and your spouse.

Read on to learn a few tips and guidelines on how you should proceed to draft this vital life-sustaining plan for your child:

Put Together a Hired Team of Experts

Make inquiries to find top-notch lawyers financial advisors and CPAs who have expertise in special needs plan drafting for the future. Tell them you are interested in having them work with each other as members of a team who individually contribute their input that is later unified into a single working trust plan for your child.  

What Kind of Trust Will You Set Up?

In the U.S., you can either set up a traditional support trust or a special needs trust for your child. The latter secures assets for the child while allowing for government aid and benefits. Medi-Cal and SSI place a $2,000 cap on assets, but setting up a trust ensures that any assets held by that trust will not count toward the limit.  

The Paperwork Prep

You and your spouse should have all important legal papers prepared and/or continually updated; these include wills, advance medical directives, trusts, and powers of attorney. Make sure all the documents are well composed and notarized, as a single ill-composed document could lead to a loss or diminishment of vital public benefits such as Medicaid, SSI or section 8 housing..

Review Your Financial Assets

Arrange it so that the distribution of your assets during or after your lifetime always preserves your child’s access to public benefits for the rest of their life. From time to time, revise and review your assets so that these are always automatically channeling into the trust of your child.

Look Into Final Expense Insurance

Life insurance is important, but choosing the right type can benefit your child even further. Final expense insurance is a type of life insurance that covers the cost of the arrangements of your funeral and burial. It can even help pay for your remaining debts, such as mortgage loans and medical bills. Taking the time to research this policy will help you make an informed decision and can help your child remain financially secure in the event of your passing.

Picking a Guardian, Conservator and Caretaker for Your Child

U.S. law empowers a special needs individual to make their own decisions once they reach the age of majority. However, legal guardians can overrule this right in a broad or limited fashion, yet are not obligated to provide parental kinds of support. 

Typically, parents make themselves the legal guardians of their majority-age child and name other individuals to step up to the role in the event of their death or incapacitation.

A conservator only manages the finances of the special needs person. The conservator can allocate funds from the estate or other source you leave for your child.

A (usually) hired caretaker has been specially trained to care for special needs individuals but strictly has no decision-making power over the weightier issues of their ward’s life. Their day-to-day duties include transferring their charge from wheelchair to bed and vice versa, fixing meals, carrying out bathing and dressing duties, helping the child with mobility, providing companionship and introducing mental games as well as helping the child exercise.

Parents or guardians of a special needs child take emotional, personal and suitability factors into account when selecting a conservator, subsequent guardian and caretaker. Laws governing the field of work of each are different depending on the U.S. state of residence.

Taking the First Step

As a mindful parent of your special needs child’s present and future, a lot of difficult decisions will have to be made regarding who will be the trusted individuals to undertake your child’s care in the future. Do the smart, practical and ethical thing – start settling the legal and financial details of your child’s future now, for the joint peace of mind of yourself, your spouse and other loved ones who are closely connected to your child. 


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